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Tableau empowers some of the world's top organizations

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Red Hat embraces Tableau Blueprint and Tableau Cloud

Learn how the world’s leading provider of open source solutions deepened data culture within 4,500+ staff in less than a year.

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As data leaders, our role is to help shift and transform—to not let up on the gas pedal when it comes to building a data culture. I think it’s our job as data practitioners to influence corporate culture to be more data-driven.

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Nissan builds an enterprise data culture with Tableau

Learn how Nissan democratized analysis across every dealership location and yielded multi-million dollar savings with Tableau.

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Tableau was the catalyst to help employees have that ‘aha data moment.’ That flicker of data cognition turning into deeper understanding was what Nissan needed for success in a digital world.

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Henkel saves millions of euros a year with Tableau

Learn how Henkel saves millions of euros per year across its award-winning digital supply chain with Tableau.

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In just six months, our Tableau community has grown from only a handful of central analysts to over 2,100 Henkel users, ranging from global managers to factory line operators.